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Exposed Aggregate Concreting. 

This is where concreting can get very interesting and creative for you, because this type of concrete can be tailored to exactly what you want, right down to the material/stones you use in the concrete.


There are several different types of rocks you can use in your concrete mix. You can go for rocks, pebbles and other types of stones. You can even use shells if you want that ocean beach feel.

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As we add these to the mix we make sure they retain a level of coarseness to the mix, and they are not crushed up too much. This is for 2 reasons.


The first is this type of concrete mix obviously adds an appealing appearance to the concrete and of course the look of your property as well. 

Exposed aggregated concrete look great up against a landscaped garden, especially next to lush green grass.


They also add an extra element of gripping to the surface, making it even safer, especially when it rains, even though concrete is pretty grippy anyway. The surface is also sealed for extra durability.

On arriving for an on-site inspection and quote, we’ll go through with you the choices of rocks and pebbles available as well as the colour you want, plus the style and feel you want.

This concrete finish allows you to really customize what you really want.

We are the specialist when it comes to exposed aggregated concreting in Launceston and the surrounding areas, give us a call for all your concreting needs.

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